Career Starter - madera County
Assemblers and Fabricators, All Others
All assemblers and fabricators not listed separately
Annual Median Wage:
$39,644.80 ($19.06 per hour)
High school diploma or equivalent
Math Skills Basic Math Skills
Physical Stamina Stand for long periods and perform repetitious work.
Physical Strength Strong enough to lift heavy components or pieces of machinery. Frequently bend or climb ladders when assembling parts.
Technical Understand technical manuals, blueprints, and schematics for a wide range of products and machines in order to manufacture the final product properly.
Mechanical Ability to use programmable motion-control devices, computers, and robots on the factory floor.
Work Tasks
Read and understand schmatics and blueprints.
Position or align components and parts either manually or with hoists.
Use hand tools or machines to assemble parts.
Clean and maintain work area, tools, and other equipment.
Conduct quality control checks.
Production Assistant
Machine Operator
Assemblers and Fabricators